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Prepare your Babysitter

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It is always best to be cautious when hiring someone new to take care of your children or enlisting the help of a seasoned babysitter or nanny.  The following information may serve as a guide when preparing your sitter to take care of your loved ones:

Tell them about your children:

Medical Information:  Write down your child’s food and medication allergies and any other health issues.  Instruct the sitter on how and when to dispense medicine.

Schedules:  It is best if the sitter follows the family’s usual time routines for meals, bathing, naps, bedtimes, etc.

Tell them about your home:

Address, Phone Number & Street References:  Write down your address and landline phone (if applicable).  911 operators and police will ask for this information when responding to a call for help.  Include the references such as the nearest cross street or landmarks.

Safety Supplies & Exits:  Show the sitter where the safety supplies are kept, such as first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, earthquake kits and flashlights.  Also point out exits that could serve as emergency escape routes.

Tell them where you will be:

Places:  Write down the names and phone numbers of the places you will be throughout the day or evening.

People:  Write down your cell phone number and keep your phone on.  Also leave the name and number of a relative, close friend or neighbor as a backup.

Other important tips:

Emergency Numbers:  Write down Police, Fire, poison control, local hospital and family doctor.  Include the family Vet if animals are in the house.

Visitors & Phone Calls:  Let the sitter know if you’re expecting someone to arrive at the house and when.  Otherwise instruct the sitter not to answer the door or phone while you are away.

House Rules:  Make sure the sitter knows about any house rules such as what is off limits, including food, drinks, sitter’s visitors and TV shows.