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Prevent Package Theft from Porch Pirates

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Deter Thieves From Stealing Your Delivered Parcels


As the holiday looms ahead, many of us are finalizing our gift-giving lists. Online shopping has made life easier for a lot of us and is especially handy during the holidays. However, it’s also created more opportunities for thieves to prey on parcels left on our doorsteps. These “porch pirates” count on us being lax with the safety of our packages. A little preparation can help deter these thieves and keep our presents safe. Here are a few ways to help.


  • Get your package delivered to your work
  • Track your delivery date and time
  • Get your package delivered to the home of a relative or friend who you know will be home
  • Have your package held at the post office for pickup when possible
  • Take advantage of collecting it in the store
  • Require that your package has signature confirmation upon delivery
  • Leave a note for your carrier to place your package in an area out of plain view
  • Set up a live recording video camera aimed at your porch, which can help you to spot theft as it happens and alert law enforcement officials


Keep your holiday safe. The team at Hoffman Brown Company are ready and waiting to help you find reliable and responsible insurance for your property. Contact us today to get started!

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