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Preventing Slips and Falls: Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

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Slips are one of the most common causes of serious accidents in the workplace. Not only can they cost a business a substantial amount of money to pay for injuries and associated medical expenses, but they can negatively impact a business’s reputation. From mopping to debris left in walkways, there are a number of incidents that could cause a customer or an employee to trip and fall. Here is what your business should know about preventing slips and falls through floor cleaning.

How do slips and falls happen?

Slips happen when there is not enough traction between the foot and the floor. Trips occur when obstacles get in the way of someone’s path. Common causes include:

  • Uneven flooring or flooring in poor condition
  • Loose carpeting
  • Wet or damp floors
  • Accidental spills
  • Weather hazards
  • Floors with uneven traction
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Poorly signposted steps
  • Poorly lit staircases
  • Debris such as equipment cables or boxes left in walkways

Choose the right cleaning method

To effectively keep floors clean and clear, the correct regime needs to be chosen. Consider the following to choose the appropriate cleaning technique:

  • Detergent – Essential when there is grease or oil present on the floor. Water on its own is not effective in removing this kind of contamination.
  • Spot cleaning – Using a paper towel or rag to remove small areas of water-based contamination from the floor. Ideal for cleaning up water-based spills quickly.
  • Mopping – Only effective on smoother floors because it skims the surface of the floor. Take care to make sure the floor is left to dry completely before pedestrians are allowed access. Consider how dirt is removed from the floor and where it goes.
  • Sweeping brush – On a smooth floor, this may be adequate to remove dry contaminants.

There are more floor cleaning techniques to consider, such as using a power washer, squeegee, wet vacuum cleaner, dry vacuum cleaner, or scrubber-drier machines.

Clean safely

When cleaning floors, it is essential to make sure that you are not presenting a hazard to guests and employees.

  • Clean during quiet hours when the office or workspace is not occupied
  • Physically exclude people from wet cleaning areas, such as using physical barriers or locking off an area while the floor is wet
  • Clean in sections so there is a dry path through the area
  • Use warning signs

Reduce debris hazards

  • Remove trash such as boxes, waste materials, and more that are in the way of walkways
  • Post signs if there is uneven flooring
  • Provide ample lighting so that people can see the path in front of them
  • Tidy up cables and leads that could cause trips

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