Protect Your Collection With These Tips & Wine Insurance

Protect Your Wine Collection With These Tips

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Wine insurance and these tips can help protect your cellar and the investment inside of it.

Wine can mean a lot. A single bottle can represent a milestone moment in your life, decades of history, or an anticipated celebration. Whatever the story behind the bottles in your cellar, you care about protecting them.

Use these tips and ask your insurance agent about wine insurance to protect your cellar, its contents, and the money you’ve invested in your wine collection.

  • Keep track. If you ever need to replace your wine collection, doing so is a lot easier if you have records of what you were storing. Keep receipts, detailed notes on each bottle, photographs of their labels, and other pertinent information in an inventory you store digitally.
  • Store smartly. If you don’t have a designated wine cellar, set up your wine storage in a smart location. Keep it away from high-heat locations like kitchens and laundry rooms and invest in climate control for the space. Set up your racks so you can store your bottles horizontally, preventing the cork from drying out and make sure your storage space is protected from UV rays.
  • Move carefully. If you need to relocate your wine collection, invest in two-bottle foam mailers and use packing material to make sure bottles are protected. Also, this will help to secure your bottles against fluctuating temperatures as you move them.
  • Get insurance. Don’t leave your investment in your collection exposed to being completely swept away! Research wine insurance today.

By buying the right wine insurance  to protect your collection, you’ll be able to replace your bottles should they break, be burned, experience water damage, and more! For information on how this type of policy could serve you and your cellar, contact the Team at Hoffman Brown Company today.