Protecting Your Art Collection from El Niño

Protecting Your Art Collection from El Niño

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Use this guide to protect your art collection against the storms of El Niño this winter.

In case you haven’t heard yet, climate experts are predicting we’re going to experience a very serious El Niño this winter. Because our drought-riddled state is so parched, the ground is likely going to have a hard time absorbing the heavy rains this storm system will bring, which will lead to flooding.

If you store a valuable art collection in your home, this news will be particularly troubling. Fortunately, you can protect your collection against El Niño with this guide.

  1. Make sure your inventory is up to date. Take pictures of your art collection and gather all appraisals and any other information that would help you verify the value of your collection should you need to replace it. Store all of this information digitally so no physical storm can wipe them out.
  2. Do what you can to protect your collection. Make sure all pieces are hung at least a foot above ground level away from doors and windows. It’s not a bad idea to move art to the inner rooms of your home, or even to prepare crates to make it easy to evacuate the art should the need arise.
  3. Get on the phone with your insurance agent. He or she will be able to review your existing coverage to be sure that your insurance limits are adequate and any loss to your collection due to water damage is covered.

Is your home – and the collection you store in it – ready to weather El Niño? To make sure you have the homeowners insurance and flood insurance you need for full coverage in the face of the storms projected to slam California this winter, contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks.