Rebuild & Recover With Ease With a Detailed Home Inventory

Rebuild & Recover With Ease With a Detailed Home Inventory

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Despite the emphasis of its importance, far too many homeowners are living without a home inventory. Homeowners who do not have a comprehensive and detailed home inventory often find the claims process to be significantly more difficult after a storm or wildfire affects their home. If you value the protection of your home, you must compile a home inventory so that your contents and belongings can be replaced.

It is no surprise that the insurance claims process can be a long and strenuous one, especially if you do not have the proper documentation. When you have gathered all the necessary information to create a home inventory, you can finally feel confident in the security of your belongings. A proper home inventory includes item description, age of item, proof of ownership, and proof of value. This means collecting receipts and appraisals when necessary. It is highly recommended that you take pictures or a video of your items as well. When it comes to storing your home inventory, it is suggested that you have both a hard copy and a digital copy just in case. If you use some sort of online platform to store your home inventory, it is recommended that you give your insurance agent a copy too.

Rather than having to go through the strenuous process of hiring a team to reconstruct your home inventory after a loss, you can simply take a walk through each room of your home to record all pertaining information with picture or video evidence. This will ensure a smooth claims process so that you can rebuild and recover from any disaster with ease.

Contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks for all of your California homeowners’ insurance needs. Allow us to guide you through the process of compiling an effective home inventory that will maximize protection for your most valued belongings.