Entertaining at Home

Safety Tips for Entertaining at Your Home

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Are you entertaining for New Year’s Eve? These safety tips protect your home and guests.

Many of us enjoy opening our homes to others when celebrating birthdays, holidays, weddings, or hosting a dinner. While entertaining guests is no small fete, there are some essential safety tips to bear in mind when you invite guests into your home. If injuries, sickness, or slanderous comments arise, people tend to get upset and share their experiences online and with the local community, possibly damaging your reputation or resulting in civil liability.

Use these preventative measures when entertaining at home.

Alcohol Awareness

For special occasions with friends and family, it’s often nice to relax with a glass of wine. Some of us, however, don’t stop after a couple of glasses, potentially causing risk and danger to other guests, or ourselves. Always designate a bartender to serve guests, and stop serving immediately when they show signs of intoxication.

Encourage your guests to bring a designated driver, but always keep phone numbers of cab companies handy. Serve plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options, especially towards the end of the evening. Ask your homeowner insurance agent about your liability limits to ensure you’re protected.

Safe Food

Place foods that require a cooler temperature on top of a bed of ice to help keep them chilled throughout the evening and avoid spoiling. Similarly, keep hot food on top of a burner and make sure food items are cooked to the correct temperature.

Outdoor Lighting

Check that all light bulbs are in proper working condition before the event begins. Replace bulbs as needed, and clear the home’s pathway of any debris or tripping hazards. If there is not enough outdoor lighting, install a string of lights to help avoid trips and falls.


While you’re prepping the menu and organizing the guest list, be sure to check yourhomeowner’sinsurance policy for any issues that may arise from your event. Keeping a few safety tips in mind helps you to avoid a dangerous situation. To safeguard your family, friends, and finances,contactthe professionals at Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California to review yourinsurancepolicies. They are happy to help you.