Security for the Holidays - Keep your Home Safe

Security for the Holidays – Keep your Home Safe

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The holiday season is approaching and we wish you a happy and safe holiday.  It is an exciting time to visit with family and friends.  We would like to let you know that it is also a time when many homes are burglarized.  The FBI reports “nearly 400,000 burglaries occur during the months of November and December.”  The criminals are looking to quickly score items like jewelry, gadgets and electronics.

Here are some safety tips:

Clear all entrances

Keep all shrubs and plants trimmed away from entrances. Although they may be pretty, they serve as a hiding place for burglars.

Use your alarm or have one installed

Make sure your alarm system is turned “on” while you are home.  Also, be sure it is “on” and working properly if you are away from home.  Studies show burglars are less likely to break into a home with a security system. Posting signs on your property about a security system is a good idea.

Minimize visibility of valuables from the street

Don’t keep valuable possessions in places where they can be seen from outside of your house.  If your Holiday decorations are displayed in your front window consider not piling gifts near this area if they can be seen from the outside.

Light up your house

Use exterior lighting and motion sensors that are triggered any time someone approaches your home at night. Set a timer for indoor lights, even if you are home.  The extra lighting will deter criminals.

Delivery of Packages

Often packages are left on the front porch.  This is a clear sign that you are not home.  Consider these ideas:

Have the packages delivered to the local store for your pick-up, request a specific delivery time and date

Require someone to sign for it.

Have them delivered to your work place. offers Amazon Lockers which delivers to a secure site at a local convenience store such as 7-11.  To find the Amazon Locker closest to you go to their website.

Be discreet when disposing of boxes and packages

One of the easiest ways for anyone to detect items inside your home is from your trash and recycling containers. Break the packaging materials down and try to conceal them in the containers. Consider waiting until trash pick-up day to place these items in the trash containers.

Be careful with social media postings

Use caution with how much information you post on social media.   Do not post your location or information about where you are on vacation or how long you will be away.

Take pictures and record serial numbers

For any high price valuable, keep as much information as possible about the article.  Take a picture of it, write down all serial numbers so the item can be traced.  Store this information in a secure place.  Contact your insurance agent to discuss having the item added on to your insurance policy.

COVID-19 Update:

The Coronavirus, officially COVID-19, has become a global health emergency. One of the measures Hoffman Brown Company has taken to keep our CLIENTS and Teammates safe was to design a complete virtual work environment. For the foreseeable future, our colleagues will be conducting business virtually to avoid any disruption in our ability to serve you. These measures are based on the CDC’s guidance and will evolve with the situation. Please know that we are fully functional, available and look forward to being of service.