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Should Every Person Be Listed on My Auto Insurance Policy?

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Who Should Be Listed on Your Car Insurance Policy?

Your auto insurance is determined, partly, by the drivers listed on your policy. When you are filling out an application for auto insurance, you will be given the option of choosing to add more drivers. But who exactly should be listed on your policy?

Generally speaking, everyone living in your house should be listed on your policy. Even if they don’t drive your car regularly, if they could drive it in an emergency situation, it’s better to have them listed and covered. For example, if you injure yourself and need to drive to hospital, your roommate could drive your vehicle. The same applies to elderly relatives and teen drivers – generally, it’s a good idea to list them on your policy.

Adding a new driver to your insurance policy may cause car insurance premiums to rise. For example, adding your newly-qualified teen driver to your policy may make your rates increase because this age group is classed as high risk. Similarly, a roommate with a DUI can cause an increase in insurance rates. In such situations, you do have an option to add the individual as an excluded driver. This means that the individual is not allowed to drive your vehicle at any point. Keep in mind, however, that if this driver does use your vehicle in an emergency situation and gets into an accident, your car insurance company may refuse to pay the claim.

Your auto insurance will extend to anyone driving your vehicle assuming that person has your permission to drive your vehicle. If your friend needs to borrow your car for the day, then your auto coverage should fully cover him or her.

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