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Simple Yet Feasible Tips for Improving Workplace Safety

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As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your workplace safer and comfortable for your employees so that they can perform to the best of their potential and increase the productivity of your company. Just keeping on emphasizing the importance of workplace safety won’t be enough to create a safer work environment. You must think about how often and in what way your employees are injured at work and take measures accordingly to minimize the risk of workplace mishaps.

Here are some simple tips to help you get started on improving workplace safety:

  1. Conduct Fire Drills

    Fire drills involve practicing how your employees can be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergency. Conducting fire drills every six months will help your employees be aware of how to respond to fire incidents in a calm and orderly manner. Also, it will make sure that your employees will use the evacuation routes as per a predetermined yet practiced plan, ensuring the safety of all.

  2. Strictly Prohibit Open Flames

    Open flame devices (candles, burners, etc.), when left unattended or used incorrectly, can ignite flammable or explosive materials, resulting in bodily injuries, property damage, and sometimes loss of life. So, strictly ban open flames in and around the workplace. Instead of using open-flame candles, you can use candle warmers. Smoking and space heaters can also cause fire incidents, so limit smoking to a designated outdoor area and use automatic space heaters that turn off if they are malfunctioned or demolished.

  3. Minimize Tripping Hazards

    Slips and falls are common workplace injuries, so keep your workplace slip-proof. You can prevent such incidents by installing anti-skid floors, cleaning spills as soon as possible, coiling and securing wires against walls, keeping walkways clutter-free, and keeping signs to indicate if the area is wet or under repair.

  4. Train Your Employees on Using Your Business Equipment

    If your workplace includes high-risk machines and tools, train your employees on properly using them. Also, ensure they follow all safety precautions while operating them to prevent injuries/accidents. For example, working with welding machines/tools requires wearing protective equipment, such as goggles, hand shields, helmets, respirators, aprons, etc.

  5. Install Security Devices

    Installing security cameras and burglar alarms can ensure the safety of your employees by deterring intruders from entering your premises. You can also install a fire alarm, as it will alert you if it senses any possibility of fire incidents.

  6. Practice Regular Maintenance

    Lack of maintenance can also lead to workplace injuries. For example, a torn-out carpet or loose rug can lead to slips and trips. Likewise, uneven floors or unclean floors with any glass pieces or nails can cause injuries and tripping hazards. However, scheduling regular maintenance will help keep your workplace in good condition while ensuring its cleanliness and safety.

    Along with improving your workplace safety, be sure to buy workers’ compensation insurance to compensate your employees if they, unfortunately, sustain injuries or accidents at work. It also protects you if you are sued for work-related incidents. So, with workers’ compensation coverage, you can stay financially and legally protected.

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