How Homeowners Can Prevent Spontaneous Combustion

How Homeowners Can Prevent Spontaneous Combustion

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Avoid spontaneous combustion, and protect against it!!

Spontaneous combustion sounds like something out of a science fiction film. After all, things don’t suddenly burst into flame without any warning, do they?

Actually, yes! When a flammable material touches a combustible object, a fire can break out if oxidation heats  the combustible object to its ignition point. In layman’s terms, that means that a rag soaked with varnish left sitting on the floor could suddenly catch fire!

According to the experts, the majority of spontaneous combustions are caused by the actions of subcontractors. That means that it falls to you to keep an eye on how things are being handled around your home when you invite people to work on it. It’s in your home’s best interest to make sure your workers take everything with them when leaving at the end of the day, including solvents, rags, torches, and paints and strictly adhere to a no smoking policy on your property. In fact, it’s a good idea to do a sweep of your property each day after your subcontractors go home just to make sure nothing hazardous was left behind.

Also, if you’re working around your home, store your paints and solvents far from any equipment that generates heat, including your home’s appliances. Also, put used rags in a non-combustible container and cover them with water. Dispose of these rags when you finish your work each day, and make sure trash cans are kept a distance away from your home.

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