Flood Insurance myths

5 Myths About Flood Insurance for Your Home

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Floods can spell disaster if you don't have the right type of insurance coverage. Many people have the mistaken impression that they already have flood insurance or don't need it at all because they aren't near a water source or flood plain. These myths can prove to be costly if you don't have the type of flood insurance you need to be fully Read More

Managing Home Renovation Risks for HNW Homeowners

Managing Home Renovation Risks

When you choose to revamp and upgrade your home with renovations, there are a variety of planning measures that must be considered. Of course the design elements are important to plan, but the insurance implications of your home renovations are an extremely important consideration. Far too many homeowners fail to inform their insurance carrier of Read More

Rebuild & Recover With Ease With a Detailed Home Inventory

Rebuild & Recover With Ease With a Detailed Home Inventory

Despite the emphasis of its importance, far too many homeowners are living without a home inventory. Homeowners who do not have a comprehensive and detailed home inventory often find the claims process to be significantly more difficult after a storm or wildfire affects their home. If you value the protection of your home, you must compile a home Read More