home insurance claim

How to File a Home Insurance Claim with Hoffman Brown Company

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As a homeowner, accidents, and hazards can happen at any time. But with the right home insurance, you can have peace of mind that you and your property are financially protected. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to file a homeowner insurance claim with Hoffman Brown Company: Determine if the damages are covered: Read through your policy to Read More

Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair

Can Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

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Most people take their home's foundation for granted. They don't even think about it until they notice water puddling on the floor in areas with no plumbing. When it gets to that point, you may have serious issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If you're tempted to file an insurance claim to cover any potential damage, you may want Read More

electrical safety tips

5 Most Important Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

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Inexperienced people handling electricity can be very dangerous. That's why you must practice caution when working on home projects involving wiring, which is best handled by an experienced electrician. Electrical Safety Rules Your home's electrical system must function properly for your appliances to work. Electricity moves through conductors Read More

wildfires for homeowners

Will My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Damages Caused by Wildfires?

Lately, many insurance companies have been reluctant to cover wildfires for homeowners because of the year-round risks involved. When available, the coverage is often quite expensive, temporary, or limited, especially in risk-prone areas like California. What Does Coverage for Wildfires Look Like? If your homeowners' insurance covers wildfire Read More

insurance for a tornado

How Does Insurance Work for Tornado?

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Tornadoes are common in the midwestern and southern United States, causing expensive damage. Usually, insurance in tornado-prone states costs more due to the higher risk to insurers of massive claims. Here are important facts to know about home insurance for a tornado. Will damage caused by a tornado be covered by renters or home Read More

Lessen Your Risk for a House Fire with This Information

Lessen Your Risk for a House Fire with This Information

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Stay informed to reduce your risk for a house fire with this information. House fires are a serious risk to the safety of your home and your family. They can happen at any time for various reasons and are more common than you may think. In fact, a recent study conducted by The Hartford using survey data and the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Read More

Find Out What Burglars Look for so You Can Best Protect Your Home

Explore the Mind of a Criminal – Find Out What Burglars Look for So You Can Best Protect Your Home

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These key findings from a recent home burglary study help you boost your home’s security. Protecting your home is a priority. While investing in a homeowner insurance policy can help to lessen the financial blow of a disaster, preventative measures are a must when securing your home. With home burglaries on the rise, learn how to reduce your risk Read More

Seasonal Home Safety Insurance

Tasks to Add to Your Home Safety Checklist

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Keep your home safe this year with these home maintenance tasks. As a homeowner, you likely do a lot to protect your most valuable asset. From locking the doors to insulating the pipes in winter, there are plenty of tasks that safeguard a property from crime, damage, and expensive repairs. But, are you doing enough? With crime and property damage Read More

Outdoor Sculpture Installation

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Sculpture Installation

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Your outdoor sculpture may affect your homeowners insurance. Art, in the form of sculptures and statues, can liven up any setting, whether inside or outside of your home or commercial building. There are some considerations to take in to account before purchasing the artwork. Choose a Prime Location As with any real estate accessory, the Read More

Is My Electrical Panel Safe

Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

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In the heart of the home is an electrical system. Ensure this is safe. Throughout your home, various cords, cables, and wires carry electricity to keep your home fully functioning. It’s not until the power goes out that we realize how much we count on lights, fridges, computers and more. Without a properly functioning electrical panel, nothing Read More