Drought & Daylight Saving Time

March Reminders: Drought & Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget these important reminders for March! The drought is still affecting California Spring Forward on 3/13/16  Springtime is here, bringing with it beautiful weather and longer daylight hours. If you've been enjoying the earlier rising sun (or even if you haven't), there are a few things you need to keep in mind. This March, make Read More

El Niño & Homeowners Insurance Sherman Oaks, CA

What El Niño Means for Your Insurance Coverage

A flood insurance policy can help to keep your home protected through El Niño. Living in Southern California means getting to enjoy warm weather practically all year. However, in the current El Niño conditions, you may be finding that you are not only pulling out your ‘big’ jacket, but also your rain boots. Along with changing your wardrobe, El Read More

Are You Protected Against Flooding in Underground Parking Structures?

Are You Protected Against Flooding in Underground Parking Structures?

If you have comprehensive coverage with your auto insurance, you’re covered during flooding in underground parking structures. Parking your car underground is a great way to eliminate certain hazards. Tucked in an underground parking structure, your vehicle is more difficult for thieves to access and is protected against above-ground hazards like Read More