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Charity Spotlight: The Children’s Burn Foundation

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A Little Bit About The Children’s Burn Foundation and Their Important Work

Here at Hoffman Brown Company, we like to recognize charities and the important, hard work that they do. Today, we want to shine a light on the team at The Children’s Burn Foundation. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services for child burn survivors and their families. They aim to prevent the pain and trauma of burn injuries to children, as well as to help and heal children who have suffered severe burns. They aid burn survivors in reaching their full potential, physically, psychologically, and socially, which sets them apart from other burn survivor charities.

You can get involved with this great organization by donating, hosting fundraising events, and raising awareness of their actions. From international outreach to prevention and education, they cover it all. An important part of their work is to teach parents and children how to be burn-aware. Burns can happen when you least expect it, for example, in microwave popcorn bags. Steam can cause severe scald burns as the heat builds up quickly in microwave popcorn bags. In fact, it can reach over 180 degrees and burn you in less than a second. Before opening a microwave popcorn bag, let it sit for at least one minute. Open it away from your face so that the steam cannot burn you.

For more information about The Children’s Burn Foundation, click here.