The Dangers Of Neglected Attics

The Dangers Of Neglected Attics

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When Was The Last Time You Checked On Your Attic?

An area of the home that is neglected far too often can actually be housing the arrival of a disaster. While you may be inclined to store your belongings in your attic and leave them there until they are needed, neglecting your attic can prove to be extremely consequential. When was the last time you were in your attic? Have you ever seen your attic? An overwhelming number of homeowners have never been inside their attic since they moved in!

Neglected attics can be the perfect home for house pests. Whether bees, mice, squirrels, or bats choose to call your attic home, their invasion can leave you, your family, and your home vulnerable to a wide range of disasters. Imagine the damage if one of those pesky rodents gnawed on an electrical cord in your attic that sparks a house fire.

Since many homes have their important mechanical equipment in the attic, your most important systems can be at risk if you do not maintain your attic space. One clogged drain in your attic can turn into a full-blown disaster with extreme water damage.

Additionally, many homeowners choose to store their valuables such as their family heirlooms and antiques in their attic, which can prove to be a regretful decision. Since your attic is likely exposed to varying temperature extremes throughout the year, this may be a bad place to store your valuables.

To ensure safety of your home, we recommend installing a few life saving devices in your attic. These devices include a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, water leak detector, and an extreme temperature alarm.

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