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Things Most Cops Would Never Do

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Thank you to Holmby News for the article.

To get people thinking defensively, or to learn or adjust to big city life, I thought it would be interesting to share a few things that most cops would never do… Speaking for myself (and knowing what I know from 26 years of police work), I would never, ever do the following:

I would NEVER leave my cell phone or laptop on a coffee shop table and turn away even for a moment (much less leave it on the table to go use the bathroom or order a refill).

I would NEVER hang my purse or backpack off the back of my chair at any restaurant or public location (I keep it between my feet).

I would NEVER leave my purse or wallet in my shopping cart and turn away, even for a moment (I strap it around my body as I shop).

I would NEVER leave anything of value in my car and, if for some reason I didn’t have a choice, I would hide it in the trunk and then change my parking space (even loose change or a pair of sunglasses may get you a broken window).

I would NEVER walk and talk on my phone on any public street (if I had to look at or talk on my cell phone I would stop at a lighted place and put my back against a wall before glancing at my phone in public).

I would NEVER leave my car unlocked or the fob in the center console (I tend to check and recheck obsessively).

I would NEVER drive with my doors unlocked.

I would NEVER leave my house without locking all the doors and windows, or leaving on a few lights and my stereo to an audible level and petting my three bloodthirsty dogs.

Most importantly, I would NEVER not trust my instincts… They’ve always served me well. I encourage you to do the same…