Tips for Selling a Car

Tips For Selling A Car: Ownership Transfer

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Selling a car? Use these tips to transfer ownership to the new owner.

When you sell a car, you might think that you’ll be finished as soon as you find a buyer. Actually, you’ll need to do a few more things in order to officially and legally transfer ownership of your vehicle over to your buyer, clearing you of responsibility for the vehicle and legitimizing the money you take from your buyer.

First, you should know that you may need to get a smog inspection. If your car is fewer than four years old, you don’t need to do this but you do need to pay the new owner a smog transfer fee. Generally, if your car is more than four years old you’ll need to provide your buyer with smog certification before you can transfer ownership.

Then, you need to transfer the title of your vehicle. You’ll fill out the applicable sections on the title, signing it. Your buyer will them take the title and other applicable ownership documents to the DMV a pay a $15 vehicle title transfer fee to complete the transfer.

You’re responsible for notifying the DMV within five days of transferring ownership of your vehicle. You’ll need to fill out a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability. Make sure you keep a copy of this document for your record.

If you want more information about changing vehicle ownership after selling your car in California, you can head to the DMV’s page called “How to Change Vehicle Ownership.”

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