Safety When Using Uber & Lyft Transportation

Safety When Using Uber & Lyft Transportation

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Safety Tips For Uber & Lyft Users

Getting around is getting easier. Gone are the days when an expensive cab ride was your only option for getting home after a night out; today you can use rideshare services. With rideshare, you just download an app like Uber or Lyft to your smartphone, then use the app to call a ride. You get a quote for your ride price before your driver even shows up and you can track their progress towards you.

If you opt to use rideshare services to get around in the digital age, read these safety tips for Uber and Lyft users.

  • Do not get into your rideshare driver’s car until you have actually spoken to the driver. This ensures you have the opportunity for a first impression before you put yourself in another person’s vehicle, and protects you from the embarrassment of just getting in the wrong car!
  • Ask your driver his or her name and take a look at his or her face. The name and face should match with the driver profile you have in your app.
  • Similarly, check that the license plates and the car make also fit the profile in your rideshare app. Since rideshare drivers have to maintain their cars, this ensures you are getting in a vehicle that is up-to-date on its maintenance and safety.
  • Do not be afraid to speak your mind. If you are feeling unsafe, ask the driver to pull over, calmly exit the vehicle, and head to a public place.

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