Water Conservation & Drought Tips

Water Conservation & Drought Tips

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Use These Tips For Water Conservation During Our Drought

If you have even set foot in California in the last couple years, odds are you have heard about our ongoing, extremely serious drought. It has been years since we have had consistent rainfall and it is showing in our reduced water reservoirs and heightened risk for wildfires.

To help you do your part during our California drought, here are water conservation tips that are as easy as they are effective!   

  • When you wash your dishes, fill one basin of your sink with soapy water and the other with rinse water. Avoid letting the water run, since this wastes a lot of this precious resource. Also, let pots soak to avoid using more water than necessary to scrape them clean.
  • Water your garden early in the morning or later in the evening when the weather is coolest to avoid evaporation and ensure your soil gets every drop. This can help save as much as 25 gallons each time you water!
  • If your yard cannot survive the water cutbacks, tear it up for drought-resistant landscaping. There are a lot of beautiful plants that are native to California and can survive on very little water. Bonus: You will save on your water bill even after the drought ends!
  • Instead of hosing your driveways and patios, use a broom and save over 8 gallons each minute.

We are glad you will join us in our efforts to preserve this precious resource! Unfortunately, while these tips can help us save water, it cannot help us avoid a wildfire. If a fire broke out in our drought stricken state, would your homeowners insurance offer you the coverage you need? To ensure your California house has the right protection, contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks for all of your homeowners insurance needs.

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