Find Out What Burglars Look for so You Can Best Protect Your Home

Explore the Mind of a Criminal – Find Out What Burglars Look for So You Can Best Protect Your Home

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These key findings from a recent home burglary study help you boost your home’s security.

Protecting your home is a priority. While investing in a homeowner insurance policy can help to lessen the financial blow of a disaster, preventative measures are a must when securing your home. With home burglaries on the rise, learn how to reduce your risk for a break-in by gaining insight into a burglar’s mind. A recent study brings awareness to what burglars look for when choosing a home to burglarize. Learn from these key points what burglars look for to help you increase your home security.

Obstructed Views

As a homeowner, privacy has its benefits. However, too much isolation can increase your risk for a burglary. Burglars target secluded homes because it’s easier to carry out a break-in without many people around, and they’re less likely to get caught. Increase safety around your home by befriending your neighbors so you can look out for one another, and keep your home visible from the street.

A Lack of Security

A home security system is well worth the investment. It provides you with the peace of mind that your home is secure, it can alert the police of any suspicious activity, and it can deter criminals from breaking and entering. As part of the burglary study, approximately 60 percent of burglars reported that a home security system would prevent them from attempting to break and enter.

An Easy Get Away

Most burglars choose a car as their primary escape method. Such a finding indicates that they’re more likely to target homes with easy access to main roads. Additionally, the more exits your home has, the easier it is to burglarize. If you live in an area where it’s easy for burglars to make an escape, be aware of the risk so you are better able to take precaution. For example, if you have large windows, installing a window sensor can help to keep burglars from victimizing your home.

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