Wildfire Protection For Your Home

Wildfire Protection For Your Home

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Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires

The warming weather bodes well for your beach and pool plans, but it is problematic for our state. As the thermometer goes up, so does our risk of wildfires. The hotter days suck the moisture out of the air. Considering our deep California drought has left much of the state’s vegetation dry and flammable, this is particularly dangerous.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen your own risk this wildfire season. Here is a quick guide to wildfire protection for your home.

Property owner mitigation has helped keep the number of wildfire outbreaks down even in the midst of our ongoing drought, and you can help. Homeowners can help control—and even stop—the spread of wildfires by preventing opportunities for a fire to spread onto their property.

One of the best ways you can do this is to create a 100-foot defensible space around your home. Clear away dry brush, keep trees trimmed, keep your grass cut shorter than 4 inches, dispose of dry pine needles, and move firewood piles as far as possible away from your house. Also, consider re-roofing or re-siding your house if your house is made of flammable materials. Finally, enclose any open crevices on your roof, the eaves of your home, and the openings of any chimneys with a fine mesh to prevent a traveling ember from nestling in your home and causing a fire.

Should a wildfire make it past your safeguards and affect your house, would your California homeowners insurance be sufficient to help you rebuild, repair, and restore your quality of life? Ensure you have the coverage you need in place this wildfire season by contacting Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks. We are here to ensure your homeowners insurance will give you peace of mind even in this scary wildfire season.