When It Comes To Wildfires, It Is The Little Things

When It Comes To Wildfires, It Is The Little Things

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How Minor Maintenance Can Protect Your Home From A Fire

Around this time last year, a wildfire was tragically sweeping through 2,000 acres of northern San Diego. When the smoke cleared, it revealed an odd landscape. While some neighborhoods were completely leveled, others nearby had suffered very little damage. Why had the fire “chosen” some areas and not others?

Firefighters and wildfire scientists are now saying it is actually the small things that make a big difference in the flammability of your home. They say that during wildfire season in particular, it is crucial that you trim your trees, clean out your gutters, and put screens over your attic vents.

In short, having anything near your home that could serve as kindling (including landscaping mulch) could be just what the fire needs to favor your home, even if it skips your neighbors. In order to protect your home, make sure you stay up to date on your maintenance and consider swapping out shrubs and bushes for non-flammable hardscaping.

Also, be aware that firebrands—the small floating embers that come off a fire—can travel up to a quarter mile. To ensure they do not land on your home and ignite a fire, keep screens over all of the openings to your house, including your attic and gaps around or under your roof. Also, keep your trash cans covered to ensure an ember does not land among your flammable garbage. You can save homes by practicing a little extra care around your house this wildfire season.

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