You Need Workers' Comp For Home Aides!

You Need Workers’ Comp For Home Aides!

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Are you carrying the right workers’ comp coverage for your home aide?

In late August, a ruling came down from the federal court mandating that home aides in the state of California—and throughout the nation—will now be more justly compensated for their tireless work.

Home aides dedicate themselves to protecting the comfort and quality of life of elderly and disabled citizens. They visit the homes of people who need a little extra help with keeping up on domestic chores, hygiene, and the other daily tasks that can pile up with diminished physical or cognitive functionality.

Clearly,  the work that in-home caregivers do is important. Unfortunately, their wages haven’t reflected that. Until the new federal court decision was finalized in August, home aides were not paid overtime wages.

Now, the U.S. Court of Appeals has determined that paying home aides overtime wages should be regulated to ensure they’re justly compensated for the crucial service they provide. The California state government has budgeted $270 million dollars to do just that for in-home caregivers who serve low-income disabled and elderly Californians.

This court ruling only underscores the fact that home aides are employees just like any others. That means that, according to California state law, you need to insure them like any others. Specifically, that means you’re legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect them against workplace illness or injury.

Fortunately, getting the coverage you need for your home aide can be quick and painless. To get the workers’ compensation policy you’re legally required to carry for your caregiver, contact Hoffman Brown Company. We have been serving Sherman Oaks and the surrounding California area since 1961 with great coverage and service built on our founding principle, “Do the right thing, every day.” So you can do the right thing for your home aide, call us today!