College Campus Risks

College Campus Risks

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College students are presented with various risks, and the best way to learn about the risks is to talk about them together.

The FBI reports that 80 percent of crime on college campuses is property-related, with most losses involving theft. Even a modest theft can be a significant burden for college students.  Most items in a college dormitory are essential for students to be successful, and those items are typically expensive.

Also, social networks offer the user the ability to update their location, which puts them at risk to thieves and stalkers. Here are some safety tips for all college students and their possessions.

Social Network Could Highlight “Bad” Behavior

Not so long ago, youthful indiscretion, or a night of bad behavior was over and done with by the next morning. Not anymore.  With a camera in every pocket, this behavior could be recorded and posted on Social Media for the world to see. If the user’s profile is not private or under an alias, it could spell trouble if a future employer locates the post, diminishing their chances of becoming employed.  The bad behavior broadcasts can damage reputations of yourself and others and cannot be easily repaired.

College Parties Could Have Consequences

Partying and college go hand-in-hand. Of course, when substances that inhibit proper mental functions and decision making are involved, the risks of accidents significantly increases such as sexual harassment, theft and bodily injury.  These are the greatest threats that face a group of inebriated young adults.

Litigation Risks

Even if a college student is a responsible citizen, one night of bad actions or negligence could lead to a barrage of lawsuits. If that student were to host a party where underage classmates drank and became disorderly, if one of them were to injure themselves, the host would be responsible and possibly face a lawsuit.

College students and their parents need the right insurance to help cover their contents while in college housing, emergencies, claims or lawsuits. Contact your insurance agent to discuss which coverages benefit you the most. Your team at Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California is happy to help you.