Be Wary of These Common Targets of Theft so You Can Better Protect Your Home This Summer

Be Wary of These Common Targets of Theft So You Can Better Protect Your Home This Summer

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Determine what you need to know about home burglaries this summer.

With summer vacations in tow, keeping your home safe is more important than ever. When you are away from home, your risk of a home burglary increases. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, the risk for home burglaries increases in the summer months. Your home is at risk of a burglary both inside and outside. Increase your home security and check out these common targets that burglars look for while on your property.

Garage Break-Ins

It’s important to be aware of the contents stored in your garage.  Many of us don’t consider our garages when it comes to security. However, gardening equipment, tools, bicycles, workout equipment, and other valuables, are easy targets for burglaries. Ensure that you keep your garage closed and locked to reduce the risk of theft.

Backyard Items

A backyard seems like an extension of a home. You keep items such as a barbecue, patio furniture, pool equipment, and more out in the open. However, leaving these items out makes easy targets for burglars. Ensure that you keep such items locked away so that you can lessen the chances of a home burglary.

Car Burglaries

Leaving valuables in your car while it’s parked on your driveway may seem harmless, but it increases your chances of a break-in. Since your car is an easy target, burglars look for items sitting in cars. Don’t leave full shopping bags, clothing, phones, cash or jewelry in plain sight.  If they must be left in the car, store them in your trunk.

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