Happy Halloween! Check Out These Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

Happy Halloween! Check Out These Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

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The combination of slippery pumpkins and sharp knives can be dangerous.  Here are some tips for keeping everyone safe.

Set an Age Limit for Pumpkin Carving

  • Consumer Reports recommends that children younger than 14 years old should not do the actual pumpkin carving.
  • Younger kids can still have fun by drawing patterns on the pumpkin to be carved, decorating their pumpkins with markers, paint or non-carving decoration kits. They can also help with cleaning out the seeds and pulp from the inside of the pumpkins.

Set Up the Carving Area for Safety

  • Before you start carving, prepare your pumpkin carving area and tools. Make sure the area is dry and well lit.  Keep your hands clean and dry to avoid slipping.

Use the Right Tools

  • According to Consumer Reports, a pumpkin carving kit is a safe option, the tools in these kits are designed to easily pierce pumpkins, they are not as sharp as an average kitchen knife and they are smaller and easier to control.

Follow Carving Techniques

  • Work slowly and steadily – don’t rush
  • Cut away from your body with the carving tool
  • Use small controlled motions when carving
  • Keep your free hand out of the way to avoid any mishaps