commercial property coverage for vandalism

Vandalism Coverage in Insurance Policies: How Can You Protect Your Commercial Property

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While commercial property insurance policies are designed to protect businesses from financial losses caused by damage or destruction to their property, it is often unclear whether they will cover vandalism.  Vandalism can be a severe issue for businesses, particularly those in high-crime areas or with valuable assets that thieves or vandals may Read More

Multi-factor Authentication for Cyber Insurance: What You Need to Know

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The right cyber insurance policy can protect your business from financial losses associated with cyberattacks. Per the Insurance Information Institute (III), a standard cyber security policy covers the costs required for system recovery, notification, liability, regulatory fines, and legal expenses, among others. It's worth noting that insurers Read More


Does Your Insurance Cover E-Bikes and Scooters?

Scooters and e-bikes are an excellent means of transport for those who wish to get to places a little faster while saving on money. E-bikes are particularly fun, and if you'd like to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, riding these gets you closer to your fitness goals. However, electric bike insurance isn't something that many people Read More

house destroyed by wildfire

A Guide to Wildfire Insurance in California

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Major wildfires occurring in different states, including California, have historically left mass destruction in their wake. They don't just destroy forests; they also burn down homes. Since wildfire insurance can help after such a tragedy, you may be wondering if it's part of your homeowners coverage. Read on to learn about insurance policies Read More

Insurance Frauds

Insurance Scam: Beware of False Agents and Fraudulent Policies

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Between 2000 and 2002, unsuspecting Americans bought more than 200,000 fraudulent health insurance policies worth over $250 million from unlicensed insurance brokers, as reported by the federal government's General Accounting Office.  It is worth noting that insurance fraud is also common in the life, business, and homeowners insurance categories. Read More

Payments and Claims

Glossary of Terms

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Actuary An individual employed by a property/casualty insurer to evaluate losses and settle policyholder claims. These adjusters differ from public adjusters, who negotiate with insurers on behalf of policyholders, and receive a portion of a claims settlement. Independent adjusters are independent contractors who adjust claims for different Read More

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