Join Us for an Anti-Harassment Training Webinar

Join Us for an Anti-Harassment Training Webinar

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Anti Harassment Training

Required by California State Law for all Managers & Supervisors 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

9:30 – 11:30 AM


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Hoffman Brown Company
 Complimentary Webinar  
Hoffman Brown Company is thrilled to present this webinar on Anti Harassment. Training for all supervisors and managers is required by California state law every two years or within six months of hire.  This 2-hour webinar satisfies the mandatory requirement.
There are three types of harassment
Verbal, Physical and Sexual
Managers and supervisors must know how to identify, prevent and manage all types of harassment situations and complaints effectively.  

There is significant liability for employers if harassment occurs and is not handled according to the law.
Additional webinar topics will include retaliation and workplace bullying.
Please join us for an informative webinar that will address all of your questions and concerns. 

Senior Leadership, Managers, Supervisors  & HR Specialists will benefit from this Webinar.