Outdoor Sculpture Installation

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Sculpture Installation

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Your outdoor sculpture may affect your homeowners insurance.

Art, in the form of sculptures and statues, can liven up any setting, whether inside or outside of your home or commercial building. There are some considerations to take in to account before purchasing the artwork.

Choose a Prime Location

As with any real estate accessory, the location where you plan to install your sculpture is perhaps the most important consideration. The sculpture shouldn’t be placed near trees or limbs that could fall and damage it. You should also place it away from sprinklers, which may affect the quality of the material, or redirect the sprinklers away from the piece. Consider the slope of the terrain to ensure that water doesn’t pool around the base.

If the piece will be inside of your home or office be sure it is secured to the floor or wall and protected in the event of an earthquake.

Work with the Artist

As the installation site is very important, work with the designer to assess what sculpture material and size are best suited for the climate and your property. If you’re unsure of where to place your next purchase, consult with an art conservator before choosing or preparing the site.

Assess Your Insurance

Like any fine works of art of significant value, insurance should be purchased or perhaps the piece can be added to your homeowner’s policy or the office policy.  Because of this, it’s wise to talk to your insurance professional about securing a Fine Arts Rider or Fine Arts Floater policy.

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