E-Mail Scams & Data Breach: Cyber Liability Insurance

Email Scams & Data Breaches: Cyber Liability Insurance

Do you have cyber liability insurance to protect you against data breaches and email scams? The modern business faces new risks, and a lot of them are digital. One of the best examples we can give is the ongoing business email compromise (BEC) scam. In 2014, 1,198 US businesses fell victim to this scam, costing $179,755,367.08 according to the Read More

Cyber Hack Insurance Sherman Oaks CA

What Sony’s Hack Can Teach Us

The Recent Attack Yields Valuable Lessons If we were not concerned about cyber liability a year ago, we certainly are today. With the recent massive-scale Sony breach following close on the heels of Target and Home Depot hacks, public attention has turned to the way businesses are protecting their private information. While the hack of a Read More

The Importance Of Cybersecurity

The Importance Of Cybersecurity

Is Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks? You have done all you can to physically and financially safeguard your business. You have installed security systems in your building, passwords on your networks, and set strict financial guidelines in place. Have you, however, prepared for the possibility of a cyber attack? If the recent hacks at Target Read More