Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection During the Holiday Season

Unfortunately, fraud has become a very present aspect of today’s society. Fraudulent activity can hit the most personal points in our lives, with insurance fraud, contractor fraud, credit card fraud, identity fraud, and anything else criminals can get their hands on. We want you to remain protected, especially in the midst of the holiday season, Read More

Sherman Oaks Travel Insurance

Are Your Holiday Travels Protected? Get Travel Insurance!

As you prepare to visit your family for the holidays, you may be experiencing a debate with yourself on whether or not you should purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance is a financial safeguard that ensures your vacation will carry out as planned. Any obstacles that come your way before, during, or after the trip will be covered through this Read More

Safety Tips for Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

Safety Tips for Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

It is time to start planning a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.  Here are some helpful tips: One of the most damaging mistakes an individual can make when preparing Thanksgiving dinner is washing the turkey. When you wash any poultry, you are spreading pathogens and germs. Additionally, any splattering can cause harmful pathogens to embed Read More