Ensure Your Properties Are Covered with Wildfire Insurance in California

California is no stranger to wildfire. Every season, there is a fluctuating or consistently high risk for wildfires across the state. Unfortunately, every area is at risk of wildfire. From housing developments, long-standing monuments, schools, businesses, and more, every area faces the very real threat of wildfires. While there are many actions property owners can do to prevent fire damage, the best way to protect your building is to ensure you have reliable California Wildfire insurance. Having insurance that will cover wildfire can help if your house, land, vehicle or personal belongings are damaged by wildfire and you need to file an insurance claim.

  • What is Fire Insurance?

    Fire insurance is a type of property insurance against fire loss or damage, which helps to rebuild properties after a covered loss. Typically, a standard home insurance policy will include coverage in the event of a fire. If you have specialty items such as art or jewelry, you may need a rider for extra coverage. Additionally, if you live in a high-risk area, you may pay more for additional coverage.

  • Wildfire Insurance Coverage

    Depending on the type of policy you have and whether you live in a high-risk zone, you may have coverage for:

    • The dwelling
    • Additional structures
    • Landscaping and backyard items
    • Additional living expenses
    • Debris removal
    • Personal contents
    • Damage to your car – (If you have comprehensive car insurance)

    Every insurance policy is unique, which means that your coverage, limits, exclusions, and premiums may differ from your neighbors’. If you need to file a claim, keep in mind that the claims payment will depend on whether you have actual cash value coverage or replacement cost coverage as well as any limits of insurance for your personal contents or landscaping, for example. In areas of high-risk for wildfire, it’s recommended that you purchase an extended replacement cost endorsement, which covers extras above the policy limit in the event of unexpected cost increase and to cover what a basic policy may not protect.

    Are you ready to find the right wildfire insurance in California to suit your needs and budget? Work with the professionals at Hoffman Brown Company who are experts in the industry. We are here to insure your assets so that they are protected.

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